Gabinetes principales:

3-CAB5(R) Cabinet with Wallbox and door — five LRM spaces 
3-CAB7B Wallbox only — one chassis

3-CAB7D(R) Inner and outer doors for 3-CAB7B

3-CAB14B Wallbox only — two chassis

3-CAB14D(R) Inner and outer doors for 3-CAB14B

3-CAB21B Wallbox only — three chassis

3-CAB21D(R) Inner and outer doors for 3-CAB21B 


Gabinetes Remotos:

3-RCC7R Red wallbox and door (one chassis)

3-RCC14R Red wallbox and door (two chassis)

3-RCC21R Red wallbox and door (three chassis) 


Chasis ensamblados

3-CHASS4 Provides space for 3-REMICA and four local rail modules

3-CHAS7 Provides space for seven local rail modules 


Accesorios para gabinetes:

3-BATS Battery Shelf for RCC Enclosures. Room for up to one 65 AH battery. 
3-TAMP Tamper switch for 3-CAB7, 3-CAB14 and 3-CAB21 cabinets 
3-TAMP5 Tamper switch for 3-CAB5 
3-TAMPRCC 3-TAMPRCC Tamper Switch for RCC series cabinets. 
ATCK Attack rated door for 3-RCC7R 
3-RCCEQ50 Seismic battery hold-down for 3-RCC1XXR series.   
3-RCCEQ65 Seismic battery hold-down. Supports two 65 Ah batteries.   
3-FTEQ Seismic hardening kit for 3-ASU/FT or 3-FTCU telephone handset.   
3-CABEQ Seismic battery hold-down for 3-CAB 7, 14 or 21.  


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