nunciador remoto donde se requiere un sistema compacto de notificación. Sólo display, sólo LEDs o una combinación de los dos.


3-LCDANN Remote LCD Command Module Annunciator

3-4ANN Four Position Base Annunciator

3-6ANN Six-position Base Annunciator

3-10ANN Ten-position Base Annunciator

3-ANNCPU3 Annunciator CPU

3-ANNSM Annunciator Support Module 3-LCD Liquid Crystal Display Module

3-LCDXL1 Liquid Crystal Display Module, 40 lines

3-REMICA Remote microphone for use in 3-ANN series annunciator cabinets

3-ANNBF Blank Filler Plate 3-EVDVRA LED/Switch Driver Module Assembly for Third-party Graphics 3-EVPWRA Power Supply Assembly with 19” rail mounting chassis assembly

3-EVDVRX Plastic mounting extrusion 19-inch mounting 

Remote Annunciator Cabinets

Remote LCD Command module Wallbox  

RLCM/B (flush)  

RLCM/B-S (Surface) 

6-position LED/LCD Wallbox  

6ANN/B (flush)  

6ANN/B-S (Surface) 

10-position LED/LCD Wallbox  

10ANN/B (flush)  

10ANN/B-S (Surface) 

4-position LED/LCD Wallbox  

4ANN/B (flush)  

4ANN/B-S (Surface) 

Anunciador Remoto

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